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Books Read in 2007

Blind Submission

Debra Ginsberg

Another addition to the Chick Lit genre which takes place in the publishing industry, Blind Submission is The Devil Wears Prada, set in a literary agency. Also similar to Prada, rumor has it that this book is a roman e clef. Just as Miranda Priestly is rumoured to be born in the image of Anna Wintour in Prada, the publishing doyenne recently fired from Harper Collins, Judith Regan, is purported to be the inspiration for boss-from-hell, Lucy Fiamma, in Blind Submission.

Blind Submission has all the ingredients which make Chick Lit fun. The main character is likeable and humorous. She enters an employment situation which seems to be a shining opportunity and embodies the perfect job to match her personal interests…except for the fact that the job is located squarely in hell.

The only problem I have with the book is that I can’t think about it without comparing it to The Devil Wears Prada. However, where Miranda Priestly’s untenable disposition is almost forgivable, residing, as it does, in her career-obsession, the boss in Blind Submission is calculating and childish. She gets her jollies by reducing her staff to tears and enjoys pitting them against each other and manipulating them to dissolve their working relationships. Where Priestly demands perfection and simply doesn’t have time or patience to suffer anything less, Blind Submission’s devil seems to accomplish little on her own and rides expectantly on the shoulders of her subordinates.

Except for it being a remake of another widely popular book, Blind Submission is an entertaining read. I’d recommend it to people who enjoyed Prada to the extent that they finished it wanting more. I will look for Debra Ginsberg on reading lists in the future. I have a feeling she’s just warming up.

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